Tips to Help You Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress.

24 Jan

As a WordPress website or blog owner, coming across the "Error establishing a database connection" message may be common to you. This is not a message that website owners get happy when they see because it can change your moods knowing the amount of work you have put in that website. You should know that getting such a message is not something that is new and many people have experienced it. This message can be fixed using some of these ways listed below.

If you encounter such an error as your try to find your way around your blog or website, get in touch with your web host support. This is for the reason that the problem may be emanating from the other side and not from your end. Once you have contacted them, be clear on what is being displayed and the host will be able to help you if it is coming from their end.

You may find that there is nothing wrong from the host's side and you will then have to check the condition of the files. It is easy for WordPress files to get corrupted due to one thing or another and this may be the root of the error seen. If you find that the corrupted files may be the cause of the error, connect to your host in order to try and fix the error, click on the "wp-content" option and give another name instead of the one you have been using, to the plugin files.

If you have tackled the two ways that have been provided but the website has not been restored yet, here is what you should do as your next step. You should check whether the database is corrupted or not since it may be the one causing the problems that are being experienced. To fix a corrupted database, you will be required to go to the dashboard of the WordPress and there you may be able to see the problem and the suggestion the WordPress has that can fix that problem.know more about wordpress at

There are times that you can go through all these wordpress admin roles but you won't get the website restored as you had anticipated. In such instances, what you will have to do is to restore the WordPress files that are default. Getting a newer version of WordPress and using it instead of the one you have been using can solve your problem. Once you have downloaded a new WordPress and uploaded it, go back to your website and see whether you can still find the error.

The "Error establishing a database connection" can be fixed using one of the methods that have been listed above. If you have tried everything else and there are no results seen, explain the means you have used to tackle the error to the support of your web host and leave them to dig deeper and come up with a solution. Be sure to click here for wordpress information.

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